Environmental Impact Assessment


Environmental research and location analysis


Environment protection during investment realisation



4 MAY 2021

We have started work on an environmental documentation for residential investment located in the Piaseczyński Poviat.

15 NOVEMBER 2020

We carry on environmental supervision over the flood protection investment in the Pruszkowski Poviat.


We obtained environmental decision based on our EIA report for solar farm project located in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship.

5 AUGUST 2020

We have started work on an environmental inventory for two solar farms in Mozowieckie Voivdeship.


About us

Pracownia Analiz Środowiskowych provides consultancy and design services in environment protection scope during every stage of investment process.


We offer

  • environmental impact assessment reports
  • project information sheets
  • nature inventory
  • screening and monitoring
  • greenery inventory
  • noise emission analysis
  • air pollution analysis
  • environmental supervision
  • estimation in environment protection scope


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