About us

Pracownia Analiz Środowiskowych provides consultancy and design services in environment protection scope during every stage of investment process. The firm owner and founder is Katarzyna Lubelska-Gawryszewska – the graduate of the Faculty of Biology on the Warsaw University and Warsaw Agriculture University. The owner has long experience in the environment protection trade, achieved during work design offices and research units. The owner is author of many documentation such as: environmental impact assessment reports (EIA reports), project information sheets, nature and greenery inventories, acoustic studies and other type of documents in environment protection scope. The firm has modern and professional computer programs used for acoustic and air pollution analysis - SoundPLAN 9.0 – regular version and OPERAT FB. 

We recommend our services to the Investors, which operate in following areas: 

  • Roads and railways
  • Energy including renewable energy – biogas plants, photovoltaic and wind farms
  • Architecture (parking, housing and other type of building)
  • Hydrotechnic investments
  • Telecommunication
  • Water and wastewater management