Environmental Impact Assessment

  • complex Investor service for issuing the final environmental decision 
  • environmental impact assessment reports – EIA reports
  • project information sheets (KIP)
  • impact analysis for Nature 2000 sites
  • environmental studies
  • forecast of the environmental impact


Environmental research and location analysis

  • nature inventory
  • screening and monitoring (ornithological and chiropterological)
  • environmental conditions analysis
  • greenery inventory
  • air pollution analysis
  • noise emission analysis
  • analysis and identification of the environmental restrictions during location phase
  • estimation in environment protection scope


Environment protection during investment realisation

  • quality control during building phase
  • environmental supervision
  • water permit documentation
  • permit for greenery cut
  • integrated permitting documentation - IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control)
  • installation control in as far as fulfilling the demands of best available techniques (BAT)
  • wastewater permit
  • air pollution emission permit
  • waste permit and waste management plan


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